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While this may be synonymous with a fun, wild college experience for students, it’s a parent’s worst nightmare. With a warm desert climate and vibrant nightlife, students have the tendency to shed clothing and crank up the heat.

In fact, the campus is celebrated for having a very attractive female population, including Courtney Simpson who was a former ASU cheerleader turned porn star.

Online cheaters Ashley, a dating website for having extramarital affairs, claimed 143,126 members in the Pittsburgh metro area as of early 2015. Have an affair,” boasted 143,126 members in the 2.4 million-strong Pittsburgh metro area as of mid-January, an 8.4 percent increase in membership from 2014, said Toronto-based Avid Life Media Inc., the site's parent company.

Here are the local neighborhoods that participated the most: 1. The figures suggested as much as 5.9 percent of the metro area's residents and 4.6 percent of the statewide population had an account — presuming the company-supplied data represented unique and active accounts.

Marshall Note: This information was supplied by Avid Life Media, the parent company of Ashley Madison.

Men Against Sexual Assault and Rape Haverford, PA Haverford's Men Against Sexual Assault and Rape (M. Men Stopping Rape, Inc Madison, WI A Call to Men A Call To Men is a leading national men's organization addressing men's violence against women, and the eradication of sexism, while maintaining strong coalitions with women's organizations already doing this important work.

Avid Life Media Inc., the parent company of Ashley Madison, a matchmaking website for cheating spouses, said it was hacked and that the personal information of some of its users was posted online. “Basically, the hackers are acting like terrorists by holding the organization for ransom,” said Albert Whale, president and chief security officer of Pittsburgh-based IT Security Inc.

The breach was first reported late Sunday, July 19, 2015, by Brian Krebs of Krebs on Security, a website that focuses on cybersecurity. “They're trying to become a ‘vigilante for morality,' and I don't buy it.” Ashley Madison, whose slogan is, “Life is short.

In working toward this goal, Emerge seeks to educate individual abusers, prevent young people from learning to accept violence in their relationships, improve institutional responses to domestic violence, and increase public awareness about the causes and solutions to partner violence.

Founding Fathers San Francisco, CA Founding Fathers are men of all ages, of all races and across all geographies.

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American Men's Studies Association The American Men's Studies Association (AMSA) advances the critical study of men and masculinities by encouraging the development of teaching, research and clinical practice in the field of men's studies.