Registry of dating practitioners

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Registry of dating practitioners

Charges the Board of Registration in Pharmacy with creating new regulations to implement changes regarding licenses, education, labeling and inspections and requires these pharmacies to have staffed consumer hotlines during working hours.

Compounding pharmacies must also eventually report certain information on the Department of Public Health website for viewing by consumers.

Only a physician, not a pharmacy or a drug manufacturer, has a duty to warn a customer about a drug's side effects. Medical Society Links to information on issues for physicians regarding medical marijuana Medical Marijuana Dispensaries, Mass. Provides the current status and location of all registered medical marijuana dispensaries in Massachusetts.

As a result, a pharmacy has the duty only to fill the prescription correctly. 214 (2003) : Court held that the CVS pharmacist had a duty to warn the plaintiff that taking Ciproflaxin and Theophylline together could potentially result in adverse effects. There was conflicting expert evidence offered as to whether the ingestion of the prescription antinausea drug, Bendectin, by a mother during her pregnancy caused the adverse effects of limb reduction birth defects suffered by her children. of Public Health's program for the medical use of marijuana Web Sources Medical Marijuana in Massachusetts, Mass. of Public Health Includes regulations, frequently asked questions, and more , Mass.

Copies of the proposed rules referenced above may be obtained at the Register of Ohio, ATP:// Agency.jsp, and at the Board’s website, or by sending a request to the Board office with a check for .95 made payable to the “Treasurer, State of Ohio,” to cover postage cost.

The group at the meeting also discussed ways to address traditional healers who claim to cure HIV/AIDS and take money from people.

The Zimbabwe National Traditional Healers' Association on Friday at a meeting in Harare, Zimbabwe, launched a register of practitioners who treat HIV/AIDS, The Herald/All reports.

According to Tapera Dzviti, ZINATHA's secretary for information and policy, the group has reached an agreement with physicians to refer people living with HIV/AIDS to traditional healers.

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Under the agreement, traditional healers who have registered with ZINATHA will treat three people living with HIV/AIDS who are not taking antiretroviral drugs for a set amount of time while physicians administer tests to determine whether the patients' CD4 T cell counts are improving.

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