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When it does, hopefully you'll have the good sense to keep it off Snapchat.

No one wants spend 200 seconds living your boring-ass life with you. Unless you count clogging my feed with redundant "stories" that I've already seen because I had to watch all the direct snaps you just sent me as a point, in which case... When choosing to whom you'll send your snap, pick people that a) you know; b) will at least vaguely understand the context of whatever you're sending. But for the love of all things holy, please desist with the irritating habit of trying to corral the discussion so that it flows in a more snappable format.

(Also, don't ever say "digital spank bank." I regret even typing it.) The secret of Snapchat -- of all social media, really -- is that your life is not as interesting as you think it is. That's a big part of being a self-respecting person: instead of spending your entire paycheck on vodka and skydiving, you buy sensible stuff, like really cute salad bowls from Etsy, or a shower curtain. Snapchat Trophies are like Foursquare mayorships, which themselves were just another version of the time-honored digital tradition of tricking people into feeling a sense of accomplishment for spending more time on their phones. Sometimes you're going to slip through the cracks -- c'est la vie.

If you're a young person full of light and hope, you're probably all like, "nah." Deny it if you must, but eventually the banality of existence will swallow you whole. But especially if you do any of the above-mentioned things, you and/or your snaps probably blow.

1) You don’t know me, but your hair smells amazing.

(Especially when woven into a shirt.) 2) Do you know anyone who pays cash for human teeth (don’t worry, not my own)?

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