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Spawned in the mid-’70s, when an Ohio oddball born Erick Purkhiser picked up a hitchhiking guitarist and fellow Sacramento State student named Kristy Wallace, The Cramps was arguably the first band to Frankenstein together punk, rockabilly, and trashy B-movie imagery, the three essential elements of psychobilly.Except Purkhiser and Wallace were too clever, sexy, funny, and eclectic in their tastes to be shoehorned into any stylistic box.According to most rock ’n’ roll histories, Eisenhower-era hillbilly rebels like Elvis Presley, Gene Vincent, and Jerry Lee Lewis were the Johnny Rottens of their day.Recognizing the kinship, many of the first-generation U. punks nicked ’50s fashions and hairstyles, and their simple three-chord bashing harked back to rock’s early days—before everyone grew beards and started singing about politics and feelings and other crap.Montreal’s reigning vamps of punk-fuelled psychobilly pandemonium are set to unleash their seventh and most bone-chilling album to date. In the last year alone, they’ve toured Canada in support of The Reverend Horton Heat and The Nekromantix, completed two wildly successful European tours, played a circle-pit-inducing set at HEAVY MTL and even sold out 2 massive headlining shows in Russia.Back in the day I would make at least one mix tape per week. I loved trying if it would be a better listen if I changed the order of songs a bit.A relentless tour schedule is in the works for 2013 that includes stops at CMW, Pouzza Fest and The Pineda Psychobilly Meeting in Spain.

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It all began with early rock and roll music of the 1950's and has waxed and waned since that time.

However, it has always enjoyed a vibrant life as a subculture and music lies at the very heart of that culture.

Exchanging tapes with friends was a good way to hear new music and you did want your tape to sound good, didn’t you? Making a tape lost most of it’s fun at that very moment.

I made a couple of CDr’s to play in the car a couple of years later, but it just wasn’t the same.

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