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Lds dating decesions

Ryan Cragun, a sociology professor at the University of Tampa (who also happens to be ex-LDS) considers it an unexpected byproduct of the growing importance of the mission in the life of Mormon men; faced with the choice to serve or not (at a young age when they may not be fully ready to commit), many have chosen to leave.The more pressure to serve, the more they feel obligated to leave altogether if they don’t meet this requirement (rather than remain and lose status in the community).Its a vicious cycle that can be easily avoided by understanding the 5 Stages of Dating. Dating is the stage where you review your list of “potentials” that you made from the hangout phase and you go with one person off that list to breakfast in the morning and then perhaps, you accompany a different “potential” out to dinner the next night.Some may call that being a “player”, a term that has such a negative connotation to it; defining someone as callous and insensitive to the feelings of others, and purely in the dating game for their own selfish purposes.

These standards include not dating before age 16, avoiding frequent dates with the same person, and dating only those who have high moral standards.” BIG decisions you make here this day, shown on the dating poster (above), will affect your marriage eternally.

Highlights of the article: In short, it’s a buyer’s market in which men are the buyers and women are the commodities.

So, in a church so obviously geared toward men, why are so many of them leaving?

Look at the ring shaped candies, the same shape as your future wedding ring.

Think of the decisions you make now and how they will affect the quality of your dating, marriage and eternal relationship with your spouse.” After reading the poster together, read Jacob , and 2 Nephi 27-29 and to motivate these eternal life decisions. RIGHT: Talk to youth about dating someone as if their dates would someday be on video for their future spouses.

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I recently read a very interesting article in Time Magazine about the LDS (and Jewish) dating scene.