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Dehydrated skin looks dull, saggy, and can make wrinkles look more defined.Admit it, you’re not one to slather on SPF first thing in the morning before you head to work.The first couple of months pass with no positive pregnancy test. Before they know it, a full year has passed without having used birth control and the pregnancy test still reads “negative.” This scenario can be devastating to some trying to conceive and it is unfortunately a common occurrence.However, when this happens, it is nowhere near time to give up.A study from New Zealand shows that some people age as much as three times faster than others.Researchers checked in on 954 people born between 19 at ages 26, 32, and 38.It’s the waning moments of my fourth session with a new therapist. My entire body feels tense, not ideal for the setting.I try to relax, but the plush leather couch crumples under me when I shift, making the movements extraordinary.

The minute a baby girl is brought into the world she already has all of the eggs that she will ever use throughout her reproductive years.

There are several things to do in order to increase the chances of conception, but first and foremost a couple should learn everything they can about fertility and conception.

The basis of a woman’s fertility all revolves around her menstrual cycle.

They found that some of the subjects' "biological age" stayed practically the same over the course of the twelve years—while others aged up to to three years for every real-time 12 months.

By looking at their weight, kidney function and gum health, the team determined that some people were staying in their peak well through middle age, while others had the health of retirees. Small tweaks to your everyday routine can have big rewards, like taking years off of your face and adding years to your life.

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