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Many scholarly studies of the problem have stated that is often part of a dynamic of control and oppression in relationships, regularly involving multiple forms of physical and non-physical abuse taking place concurrently.Intimate terrorism, an ongoing, complicated use of control, power and abuse in which one person tries to assert systematic control over another psychologically.

To prevent violence, the victim may try to reduce the tension by becoming compliant and nurturing.

A cyclical nature of domestic violence is most prevalent in intimate terrorism (IT), which involve a pattern of ongoing control using emotional, physical and other forms of domestic violence and is what generally leads victims, who are most often women, to women's shelters.

It is what was traditionally the definition of domestic violence and is generally illustrated with the "Power and Control Wheel" Recent research has questioned whether certain effects of domestic violence exposure on children are moderated and/or mediated by maternal psychological response such as maternal post-traumatic stress disorder, dissociation, and related biological markers.

Social and economically disadvantaged groups in the U. regularly face worse rates of domestic violence than other groups.

For example, about 60% of Native American women are physically assaulted in their lifetime by a partner or spouse.

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Neither are illegal acts by private persons or corporations not directly involved with the government.

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