Dating a former addict

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Dating a former addict

Woods uses his wealth and fame to abuse the court system in order to punish and bully an obscure and much less powerful Twitter user who taunted him,” the filing reads.

Woods filed his million lawsuit in July, claiming that a Twitter user who goes by the handle Abe List falsely called the actor a “cocaine addict” in a July tweet, thus jeopardizing Woods’ “good name and reputation on an international scale.” But the new filing claims that Woods’ lawsuit doesn’t pass the sniff test, saying that the actor has routinely derided people on Twitter.

The new filing claims that the tweet calling Woods a cocaine addict was “rhetorical hyperbole plainly protected by the First Amendment.” Between Lindsay Lohan firing back at Fox News, Mariah Carey allegedly short changing her domestic help, and Sly Stone winning millions after suing his ex-manager -- stars often turn to the courts to address their squabbles and strife.

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James Woods can dish it out on social media, but he can’t take it.

At least, that’s the takeaway from a new court filing in the lawsuit that the actor filed against a Twitter user who called Woods a cocaine addict.

Your family is falling apart and you have no idea where to turn.Don’t think for a second that they will rescue you from this insanity because they won’t.So many wait desperately for that “rock bottom” moment when the addict hits that point and everything goes up from there.I do not subscribe to any recovery programs and I feel comfortable (most of the time) around alcohol. I have recently found that I have problems meeting people my age (particularly for romantic relations) because I am (as my mother says) a non-active alcoholic.I have found that time and time again I will be having a great discussion with someone and my sobriety will come up, and it pretty much ends all relations.

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