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After New Kids on the Block disbanded in 1994, Wood decided to pursue a solo career. It was called Second Face, all the songs of which were produced by Wood and his friend, Pete Masitti.

In 1999 he released an album "Room Full Of Smoke" as D-Fuse, and in 2008 he released Coming Home.

And they're still after the hearts of their lady fans. Strangely, the hype doesn't follow them back to their hotel a few hours later.Asked what was the weirdest thing they ever had to sign, Donnie smiles wryly. Either the word hasn't got out where they're staying, or their groupies have gone back to work.Whatever the case, the group are back to their casual selves. A muscle-bound Danny is all smiles, while the strikingly handsome Joey is still quite hyper.Berry got married for the first time on January 1, 1993 to baseball player, David Justice.She got in touch with him after watching him on play in an MTV celebrity baseball game the previous February.

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It normally starts with a chant, followed by squeals, which quickly build up into a euphoric chorus of screams, claps and occasional foot-stomping. But any fan worth their limited-edition NKOTB lunch-box knows this gig is a big deal.

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