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Shoot a picture, upload it and within a few seconds you can see interesting strangers that match your search. *Start video chatting by webcam with strangers for free - without registration.On average, in sessions showing a single person 89% of these were male and 11% were female.8% of spins showed multiple people behind the camera.Chatroulette is an online chat website that pairs random users together for webcam-based conversations.Visitors to the website begin an online chat (text, audio and video) with another visitor.The random videoconferencing sensation Chatroulette has been all the rage lately, but we can't blame you if you haven't actually given it a try just yet.Casey Neistat approached the new site for a more scientific breakdown of what might be found there, confirming much of our suspicion and hesitation: the average composition on a weekday afternoon includes 14% of users doing things you really don't want to see.

It has all the elements of a good story: technology, mystery, celebrity, and sex.

So, we decided compile the data ourselves by leveraging Chatroulette Map, some scrappy programming, and a passionate tech community.

We soon had detailed data on 2,883 Chatroulette sessions that tied users to geography, gender, appearance, and more.

If there is an match, you will be connected to the other stranger - easy as going.*Anonym & without any registration Compared to other video chats, you can use skibbel by webcam anonymous and without any registration.

Choose from different stranger recommendations and connect directly with your favorite ones. *Start video chatting by webcam with strangers for free - without registration.

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